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#11 12 years ago

I would go with both, I have S.T.A.L.K.E.R and the Kane Edition of CnC3

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#12 12 years ago

You have to love a game that lets you drink vodka and you actually see things fuzzy and have trouble walking. :beer: Realism at its best. As for the rest of the game I have been playing it nonstop. While tough especially once you get to the level where helicopters and armoured cars attack you along with everyone else it is well worth the time and money. The quests can be a bit boring at times especially all the ones the Barkeep has as you always have to return to him for rewards, but on the up side it extends the game play and you do get to buy some great weapons.


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#13 12 years ago

Decebalus;3606296If your running xp, there aren't a lot of bugs like somebody said. For example, I only crashed once the whole game. There's also a rain bug, but it only occurs if you change the settings and don't restart.

The atmosphere is great, the weapons are good, but the storyline is bad and short. You can finish it in about 12 hours doing a lot of sidequests and a little exploring. The game doesn't have much replayability unless your the type of person who likes running around the zone doing nothing. There's not much to do. Sidequests get repetitive and boring very fast, unlike Gothic3 or Oblivion.

Multiplayer isn't that great. Artifact hunt is a waste, so the only good thing is TDM or DM. However, I played about 4 times, and out of 4 maps, only 1 was enjoyable. The other 3 were running around like an idiot shooting......... And maybe it was my connection at the time, or the server, but there was a wierd net lag. Getting delays when you shoot, etc.

If I were you, I would go for C&C3.

If you do get Stalker, I expect you to like it a lot for about 10 hours. Since at first, you'll be amazed. But then you realize there's not much to it, most of the enemies are meh.

I have to agree with this guy. But I enjoy it a little bit more, a little more appreciating. Im more of a technical guy. I love the new engine. People have to realize that this is a brand new engine, built from scratch, by new developers. Beautiful work if you ask me. Until the net lag comes on. It occurs more when there are a lot of people in a server. Less people, the better. They really need to fix this.

SP, meh. Its great in the beginning, and good in the rest. I'm not worried about playing it repetitive. I'd only play it once anyways.

The MP gameplay is more like an arcade style. But I like that. Thats just my style. But could have been better.

Grahics are nice, but a little demanding. Atmosphere is impressive.

Cant wait to see if any other games are built with this new engine.



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#14 12 years ago

Be careful. If you thought Oblivion was a disappointment, you won't be best pleased with S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. It's basically linear, except you have to backtrack to do missions, store junk and finish missions. In a sense, it's a bit like System Shock 2.


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#15 12 years ago

Hmm. Well, I still do play Oblivion, but I havent had it as vanilla for a long long time, over 2GB of mods in its folders.

How does Stalker go with modding? Did GSC release tools with the game or a plug-in utility?

I would go with both, I have S.T.A.L.K.E.R and the Kane Edition of CnC3

Ah, dam. I want both, so badly. But it'd be a waste of money for me to purchase both now as I hardly have time for one. I was considering dropping you a PM earlier to ask for your opinions on both, then I read your comment here, ah well :p

I guess I could wait until a friend buys it and then try it, or maybe wait until I get a bit more time and the game has more mods and patches available.

EDIT: Ive never been so torn between two games, I want to try S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 's gameplay and see it for myself, but I read about problems bringing it down and such, and then I read another good review. And then I see a CNC3 advertisement. Ill decide this afternoon anyways..

Anyways, thanks for your advice and help guys!

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