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29th September 2008

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#1 6 years ago

Please, don't put blame on me, as I stumbled upon this note, probably the very last one which this poor soul wrote after he gave his life. I found this on some Russian S.T.A.L.K.E.R. forums, and have translated it to my best knowledge. As a comrade stalker, I feel as my duty towards an friend which will probably never meet, to publish it. :(

the last note of an unknown stalker

The year was 2007th, and all of a sudden the world shined in a gloriously bright, unbearable joy, and finally could be seen how on the dark and dusted and smeared faces of the gamers who for four full years had waited for the game, shadows underneath their eyes has started to evaporate. After a brief moment of full silence strong and horrible blowout started, the ground tumbled, sky turned dark red, and the terrified men were escaping from all directions to the game shops, screaming and shouting, who was able to run, already was running, who was found not able, crawled with his last breath to the lifesaving box with DVD software. To a viewer stood aside the whole scene looked as if all the boxes on the shelves containing the so much desired code vanished within a storm, in a moment, before his very eyes. In a few moments men in GSC were buying their first "Bentley's", and to the shelves and storage rooms in the game shops new delivers were immediately sent. None of those have been brought back, or were ever seen again. Nevertheless was supposed that all of the employees and coworkers in GSC bought "Bentley's" immediately, the truth deep down inside the developers bureau was that there were men still choosing between "Bentley's" an "Maybach's". In a short time after the sale has started, the gaming forums and sites around the world were shook with flood and blowout of dirt and filth of enormous proportions. The majority of the GSC employees, have been always ready, got down into well protected shelters. Widespread panic has started. The gamers were caught on spot, they had to choose, to hide from the terrible accident which proportions were hard to predict, or to fight with the unknown enemy beyond their strength, with their weak comments and posts. Barely understandable voices of sense, coming from few people trying to speak with reason to the true nature of the GSC's work were overpowered in the enormous wave of dirt an filth. From the day of the accident to the present moment have passed almost five years, and it is yet hard to predict all of the awful and horrible consequences. Every day new details emerge. As an example, a school boy who never knew any language except that in which he was born in, after a few hours playing "Stalker" already thinks that "an Exoskeleton suit is a cool piece mate with nuts and bolts and servos onit you can dress it while wearin' you can uproot trees break rocks with you'r head and also shoot much from very cool guns mate". Oh my God, it is too late, we can't save anybody, who is yet able, should run for his very life... the consequences are irreversible and terrible.

P.S. forgive me respectable gamers, and more respectable modders, this filth should stop somehow long ago.

P.P.S. I wrote those lines, as my last ones, probably, in an unknown location in the Zone. The date now is 27.05.2010 18:19 GMT+3, and I know, that there are Merc's sent for me already, because offensive speech is cruelly punished. So if ever banned from anywhere and not seen anymore, remember me.

- the note was not signed.