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#1 11 years ago

I'm going to try to describe a place, and I want you to try and name it.

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The level loads and little ways ahead beyond some wrecked vehicles a stalker tells me to stop. He gets nailed by 2 other mercs on the left of a little hill and two more on the other side of a little hill. They tell me to be cautious and I move on. This is where I first found the semi-good Sig Rifle. The other dead stalkers were carrying USPs and LR300s. I move on and find the mercs that saved me inside a little barn. Some are around a campfire and I talk to one and he asks me to help him out. I have to take out a sniper at a nearby camp. I do that and then he says they're gonna blow a wall out and raid the area. They do that too and then I take out the other snipers on the towers.

But in the process, there were more enemy mercs than my buddies expected and they all get killed. I explore the area, it's in a bit of a valley with a wall around it and a railway track on the far left side with a bridge, and find quite a lot of resistance. I find new weapons like the sniper rifle and the very-cool but limited ammo HK G36. There's one building that has three merc guarding the entrance [they seem to respawn new ones and come back to guard that building and the towers even after I took out the other mercs]. I got inside and it's full of heavily-armed mercs. I heard the Chaser shotty [spas-12] and among other things and I got out because I was down to pistol ammo [and the doubleblast of my sawed-off does jack point-blank to the mercs, very unnerving, btw]. Where am I?

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#2 11 years ago
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Army Warehouses, the Freedom Base is there

Alright, here is mine.

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There is really know where for you to go because of the radiation, you NEED a scientist suit to do anything. Zombies are all around, and after going through that damn tunnel with all the flames, zombies don't seem so bad.

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#3 11 years ago
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Totally is Yantar, its gotta be :P

K this is mine

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Its chaotic, helicopters everywhere above you shooting at you, Soldiers and stalkers on the ground emptying rounds on you, when blowouts occur you hear the stalkers telling all to duck for cover, to run.. the screen shakes, blurs, changes colors... you recieve fire from all directions, RPG's, Snipers, Gauss fire... when you reach your destiny, all is quiet