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30th June 2006

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#121 11 years ago

Since Call of Pripyat has only been released recently in the English speaking world and the mod scene is alive with activity, I'd say the series' fan base is in pretty good shape.

As for MW2, despite the fact that the CoD series and the STALKER series share the same genre, they're very different games that cater to very different audiences. Think about it:

  • In Call of Duty games the emphasis is increasingly on the multiplayer, and the single player is basically one long cinematic in which you shoot stuff. A fun experience, but only for the first couple times.
  • In STALKER the single player is undeniably the centerpiece, and the multiplayer is truly inconsequential to the experience.
  • In Call of Duty you rarely go for two minutes without gunfire and explosions.
  • In STALKER you can roam around for ten minutes or more without being attacked.
  • In Call of Duty there's more cinematic intensity than you can shake a stick at, but that's not quite atmosphere, more like atmosphere's hyperactive cousin.
  • In STALKER, the game world is practically dripping with atmosphere. There's so many little things to pay attention to, and the long periods of exploration make the fleeting moments of sheer terror all the more effective when they do come.

I think you can tell which game I play for a quick blast every now and then, and which game I consider to be an utter masterpiece that I can play for hours on end. :D



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20th August 2007

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#122 9 years ago

Stalker and cod games are not really of the same genre. COD type games are fps and linear and same game over again with different name and sp gets shorter and shorter sp game is like 6 hours to complete and price goes up and mp is cheated the first day out. I do not think they even have real servers any more it is more that to ruin pc games gfwl type junk and can still be cheated with stat generators if nothing else. I do not much play mp games any more so I stopped buying cod games long ago- they are lil value to me- tho WaW nazi zombies was cool and all the custom maps.. MW and WAW was give to me and are the last cod I have. I also have cod and uo which I bought. I stopped buying ea games long ago. MOH aa and BF2 are the last I bought I did not like bf2- did not care for mass effect- I do like Dead Space. They was give to me or came with vid cards etc.

Stalker games are combo fps rpg= rps [role playing shooter] games and its sp games is way longer than cod games but stalkers mp game half works and is maybe no servers in america because of it or mostly. It's mp has always been very glitchy and laggy. Stalker games are my fav of the rps genre and the rps is my fav genre- which includes games like Borderlands and Bioshock games and FallOut3 and soon Rage. It might be others of the genre I am not sure tho. FarCry2 could almost be said of the rps genre. Each game adds its on flavor. FO3 has the worst fps mechanics of the bunch- it more leans to rpg games where the others lean more fps and have better gun play and player movement versus FO3.

** I love the sucker faces..>


Right now I am playing Stalker soc and cop and Borderlands goty and FO3 goty and Postal2 awp and Mafia2 and JustCause2. I would love to see more fps become rps- it is a natural progression. I do not really like 3rd view games but the few I talked about and play are cool.

See ya..