"Big update" to S.T.A.L.K.E.R coming up? -1 reply

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26th May 2007

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#31 13 years ago
Fadeaway;3758012Someone please explain what the hell a 'looser' is.

Well, seeing as he called us all loosers, and seeing as I'm one to assume good faith, let's assume he's right, and we are all "loosers". In which case, I'm guessing that a looser is someone that can debate a topic of discussion on multiple levels using a wide range of vocabulary, without resorting to flaming.

Poor mallitia95*. He's just envious, wishing he could be a looser.

*95 being the year of his birth, most likely.



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14th May 2007

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#32 13 years ago
NRSabbath;3736342There is a video on gametrailers that shows the ingame editor for crysis. It's quite the editor. And EA to Crysis is like THQ to Stalker. UbiSoft is making the actual game.

I hope not .. lol (that often happens to me too when i confuse who made what .. lol). But, Ubisoft is probably the worst publisher out there (tho EA is not far behind).

CryTek is making the actual game and EA is their publisher. CryTek switched publishers from the time of FarCry when Ubisoft was their publisher. Otherwise, both EA and Ubisoft couldn't make a decent game if their life depend on it ... but they are good product pushers. Ubisoft pretty much became a console-to-PC porting company and they suck at that too :D -- like a PC port that doesn't support mouse ... lol (Resident Evil 4) . Oh, well ... BTW, you are right, CryTek has always had excellent editors.


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1st January 2005

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#33 13 years ago

LOL, yeah, I noticed that and wondered why no one mentioned it. Ubi has nothing to do with Crysis. Although I think you overstepped their involvement in RE4. There again, they are just publishers and only published the North American version of RE4 after EA and Typhoon Games published the Taiwan and Hong Kong versions. SourceNext, the developer, was responsible for the lousy port job to PC requring a gamepad for controls, which upset me too. This however, does not mean I support the publishers catering to such projects. Though they are merely marketing middle men they can if they wish insist on better product development before they sign on. The problem is you can't get around the fact that consoles in the gaming industry are becoming like laptops in the computer industry and now outselling PC games. Publishers, being the middle men they are, are only out to clear a quick profit fed by the many young trend setters out there using gamepads and "next gen" consoles.


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3rd April 2006

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#34 13 years ago

i myself hope that this "big update" fixes the living hell out of the game engine and makes it A LOT more stable


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14th December 2006

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#35 13 years ago

I haven't had any crashes for a long time. Well, I take that back, but it's been crashing because I keep screwing up lines in the .xml... =(

But, that's not the purpose of this post. The purpose of this post, is to say, HEY! I'm making a mod that is going to add a lot more depth to the storyline, while still staying true to it. The other goal I have is making the game a LOT longer. If you have any ideas, pop by the SMC forums (link is in my signature) and post them. =)