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#41 12 years ago

In Freedom you find party, in Duty Party finds you.


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11th November 2006

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#42 12 years ago
Obfuscated;3629170In Freedom you find party, in Duty Party finds you.

Since when did Duty become Soviet Russia Mr. Smirnov?


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1st January 2005

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#43 12 years ago
Since when did Duty become Soviet Russia Mr. Smirnov?

That's what I'm having a hard time grasping. I was musing recently over the way the Freedom boys introduce themselves to you rather rudely your first trip to Army Warehouses, no one that defends their cause ever mentions that. In that particular area they act like road police clowns. It's rather funny how the Duty guys talk about them as little puppies being "done" after they ambush them for overstepping their turf. Ironic how when a so called "freedom fighter" gets a gun in his hands he thinks he can define what freedoms you should have just because you're not fighting in his little puppy parade. Duty is not more rude as most Freedom faction converts have claimed, they're just more business like.

Another example of Freedom's bizarre way of talking to strangers, strangers they let wander into their camp no less, is the way Chef talks to you and that guy that cirlces around the camp with the mask on saying "let's have a little chat". Chef side steps all your questions with sarcastic BS that isn't remotely funny. The other one tries to make a joke about you looking like something to cook up for dinner, which is far from hilarious as well and he's very rude when he ends his statement. Then there's the way you can simply knife the guy guarding their armory and steal all their supplies without any particular difficulty in doing so. Freedom is as much high on a power trip as any faction in the game, and gullibly so.