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17th November 2007

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#31 13 years ago

First time I went though Lab X18 was the scariest thing ever... I went in with about 500 rounds of 5.45x39mm ammo, and came out with, like, 20... At least 400 of those rounds were shot into walls and floors. :giggle: Another funny story was of my friend playing the aliVe mod at my house recently. Now, he's not very knowledgable about the old S.T.A.L.K.E.R. stuff, like all of the cut-out mutants. I told him that there was a mutant called a chimera that was in the Cordon, and I even told him where it was: in the tunnel where the unique Bandit jacket is. So, he headed there to complete Nimble's side-quest, and as he approaches the tunnel he got distracted by some blind dogs that were chasing him. He made the big mistake of turning his back to the tunnel, and BAM!!! The chimera leaps right over his shoulder from behind him, and it nearly made him fall out of the chair! I was laughed so damn hard at that that my lungs were sore. :lol: Later that night he made it to the Agroprom Underground area. Little did he know what was in store for him... After he reached Strelok's hideout his screen started turning reddish, and there was this weird sound. It was similar to the effect caused by a nearby Controller, but it wasn't the same. So, I told him to find out what was causing that. Then, objects started floating up into the air and throwing themselves at him, like what a Poltergeist does (mind you, I'd already been through there, so I knew what this threat was). He rounded the corner into the large area where the bloodsucker attacks, and... Nothing? He takes a couple of steps out into the corridor and sees nothing, so he turns around and- "HOLY FRIKKIN' S***!" was what he yelled when he saw the Burer right behind him! He friggin' crapped himself when he saw it and started shooting all over the place. I literally fell out of my chair and started laughing my head off. :rofl: Yeah, that was a golden moment. I sure wish I could have filmed it... Hope you guys like my story!


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#32 13 years ago

I had the unfortunate situation, in the Agroprom tunnels (how I love how STALKER gives every single one of us a different game!) of seeing the bloodsucker's eyes darting around the room as I just sat as low as I could trying to figure where 'it' would attack from! It zoomed around left and right, probably trying to find a way to me, my sight meter showed he was getting a glancing look at me only, not a good look and i think he was just checking me out! The tension was absolutely ENORMOUS! Finally he attacked and I just about brought him down with one full clip, if I had had to change a clip I would have been dead! In any event, I jumped down to get the tentacle and walked behind a tank to get back to the raised walkway to get out and was surprised by two zombies who killed me while I was still wondering what the hell was going on! :) Brilliant brilliant game!

EDIT: EPIC_OATMEAL, we need more stories like that! That was funny to read too! :)


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#33 13 years ago

My first playthrough, I literally HATED going into any "Underground" area. Scared the hell out of me... I view this game more like "I'm going into the zone" rather than "I'm playing a PC game" so yeah... going underground reallly really sucks.

My FIRST time underground, at the agroprom area... I was scared sh!tless and ran around like a little baby unloading my gun and screaming at shadows!!

Now with ABC mod; I can traverse through the underground well... knowing whats in store... but when there's the horrortime/blowout .... that is bad news.

The zone and I have this love/hate relationship.