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#31 14 years ago

Gameplay wise, its good till you reach the red forrest. Then it all goes to hell and becomes another HL2. In the plant itself, you feel like your playing doom shooting your way through coridors. From then on, the RPG elements are almost non existant. Same with exploring, etc.

The mainquest is one of the shortest story I've ever played in any FPS. And most of the sidequests and boring and pointless....

Basically to summarize the main quest

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-Get to the Angros facility (get documents) -Grab military documents from some base. (Connected with the first mission) -Lab x18 -LAB X16 (So far they are connected) -Red forrest part -Getting to the powerplant -Powerplant itself and blowup part

Stupid quests like talk to guide and find the doctor, or get to the hotel doesnt really count. Since there's not much to them, and you end up getting another ending which is just as poor.

Thats it, less than 8 hours of gameplay. It took me about 8 hours and I really took my time. I did about 200 boring sidequests along with some few intersting ones. I went back to the dealer just to talk to see if anything new was going on. Basically I explored as much as I could without getting bored. And still I was like wtf after I was done with it.


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8th July 2003

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#32 14 years ago

It's a great game, and has the best lighting I've ever seen in any game.

Love it.

I personally don't care that it took so long, because I simply wasn't waiting for it. I just heard about it's imminent release and BAM: ordered the limited edition tin.

Glad I did now. It's a great game.

Only drawback: Random stuttering. What the hell is up with that? You'd think they had long enough to iron out the technical niggles.

I have Nvidea 7800GT 256mb (x2), AMD ATHLON 64bit FX60, and 2Gb DDR 4200 RAM

Weird thing is I scaled AF and AA down to the second highest settings, and the game ran ALOT smoother and looked better. Everything else I could have on full, pretty much. Was annoyed that I still get the occasional choppiness though, seeing as my rig should be able to handle it rather easily.