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10th February 2004

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#1 13 years ago

I saw a thread about STALKER 2, and "expectations" but I think this is a more straightforward thread. Ok! Let's get to it!

1. Straightforward joining for clans or groups. IE: 1 or 2 trial quests and then you get accepted with a new suit, weapon, exclusive rights, etc.

2. More realistic weapons in the zone. More russian pistols, less imported garbage like ZM weapons LR300, Beretta pistol, Desert Eagle pistol, etc. STALKERs would have older weapons from like WWI and WWII, not brand-spanking new rifles and HK MP5s.

3. Optional add-ons for weapons. Like silencers, scopes, grenade launchers. Can be bought at places or from clan head peoples.

4. Can find a place to live, store stuff, etc. Like a little shack or inside a railway tunnel, abandoned building, etc.

5. More mutants! Bring in the rats, more anamolies, shape-shifting things, etc.

6. Hallucinations like if you go without sleep or food for a long time. You see people or enemies that aren't there, you fall down, etc.

7. You need more than a bread loaf to last you 6 hours. I mean like 2 energy drinks, 1 piece meat, 1 loaf bread; a hearty meal.

8. Some mutants are larger, like dwarf giant was supposed to be like 12 feet tall, not tiny and weak like it is.

9. Longest main quest. I don't know what kind of quest to have, after you beat the game...dream one up on your own, ;). I don't want to beat the main quest after only 6 hours....:eek:.

10. Enemies or characters don't all speak russian. I loved in the trailer [the DX9 renderer I think it was] that you were crouching in the wooden beams and spying on the STALKERs sitting around the fire [In the real game I think it's by the bloodsuckers lair, near the bloodsucker-made shrine] and there's some small sound and you hear the STALKERs speaking in english, "Sergev, go check it out." Then you pop a cap in his bean with your AS-VAL and then they all start firing off their AK74Us and then you calmly pop them in the heads as well. I like the idea that some STALKERs are from like the US or UK or whatever and speak english whereas the old-timer or russian natives speak russian originally. In the Zone in the real game you feel like such a foreigner, only the sellers and friendlies speak english.

11. A map editor!!

Feel free to add your own wishes!!!