STALKER: New Nvidia Driver 158.27 Gives Nice Speedup: +10% -1 reply

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#1 12 years ago

Give them a try, at Domain Maintenance in the downloads section. I'm using the XP version, there's a Vista one also I believe. Using the 'buildings_timedemo' (linked on one of the Domain Maintenance stalker pages), my average fps at 1280x1024 went from 56 to 62, and the minimum fps was consistent from the first to second runs at 7.2fps, vs jumping from 6.6 to 7.2 or so from 1st run to 2nd using the 94.24 drivers. This is all done with float32 installed. A very nice gain, though I haven't tried them as yet with extended gameplay! Others at guru3d & forums are also reporting gains, so I don't think this is a mirage! rms



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28th October 2004

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#2 12 years ago


I don't know... I just updated and I gained nothing. I still get around 15-25 fps :(