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#31 14 years ago

the difference in technology is to big to compare on this.....its a bad argument to make...right now HL2 is King, next May its gonna change

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#32 14 years ago

LMAO, 4 whoever mentioned Soldier Of Fortune 3, you crack me up buddy.....wooo, good times. SoF is lame Im Out......PEACE!!


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#33 14 years ago

Do You know of how much HL2 Sucked, man they deleted so many levels that were supposed to be in HL2 including one cool monster. I believe they don't have much ideas for HL3 so they took out some of HL2 stuff and to include it in HL3. I'm Positive that Stalker is going to be much better than HL2.


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10th February 2004

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#34 14 years ago

i will agree on stalker being superior to hl2. but remember steam is hl2's bloodline. if something is awry in hl2, it will get fixed pretty soon and everyone who has [a legit, of course] hl2 will get the fix, but stalker won't do that [thank GOD] and it's patches will be zips or RARs, so the fixes will come like every other game. it is of course, as noted, unfair to pit hl2, a released game, against stalker, to be released in may 05, an unreleased game. i don't know why you made this question up now until waiting till april or something. i think it's really unfair. its like comparing halo2 against hl2. different consoles, different performances, different player groups [generally more n00bs on consoles], etc. its not fair. but i will say that as long as the game, stalker keeps up with patches and the like when it is released, [the developers will be to blame if the game is not continually debugged and tested and patched accordingly] and it is not a COMPLETE flop, it will do some serious pwnage. may xxx 2005!