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14th September 2008

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#11 10 years ago
bobbug;4658337I wish they had a "Melee button" in SOC. I would use it on the Duty guy on the walkway. Wouldnt't kill him i hope just make me feel better about having to listen to him for the thousand time, i went thru there. LOL.

actully....if you are playing OL2.2 do this..... I can stand that guy eaither and have started a war against duty because of his mouth. So after I compleated the game and begain the faction war part of it. I begain to wounder if I can recruit him. I dissmissed my attachment group and asked him to join me on a deadly raid into the wildterritroy ( were the train yards and factory is on the way to yantar...) to my suprise he joined me. So I lead him there to his more mister mouth anymore!!!

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