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#1 13 years ago

just wondering.... i am sooo happy with the ABC Mods, but am still wishing for more....:cool: Knowing that if there was a means of creating a "gravity gun" like in HL2, how would u go about creating one 4 stalker? would i have to wait for the eventual release of the single player SDK? Though this sort of sounds "mee too" after HL2 and D3-ROE, i think a gravity gun would be hysterical to use in the stalker world. the poltergeists and burer things have that sort of ability with physics objects, though they are scripted to a degree. and are easily changed in their relevant files-- amount of objects tossed at player and npcs, weights of each object and telekinesis range. i guess creating a gun based on these parameters could be theoretical. but how????? does anyone have any ideas as to how to create such a weapon?;):lol: or if there are allready mods out there with said gadget?:lookaround:


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#2 13 years ago

You make a good point with the poltergeists and such, but not very many thing are transferable in this game.

One of the things we tried a while ago was replacing the Under Barrel Grenade Launchers with a shotgun, or changing them to fire buckshot. Didn't work so well and the most effective set up we got was changing grenades to fire multiple dummy shells, having the dummy shells not explode or explode in a small area, and firing them with increased velocity.

Another thing that we tried to do was transfer the Binoculars' Adjustable zoom and target finding and identification ability to gun scopes. Either our code worked but it produced no results or it CTD'd.

The ability to pickup things and hold them doesn't seem possible. But it is possible to give a weapon no damage and a really high hit impulse (How hard to hits in a physics sense) to push things around. And I think you can set that to a negative to pull things. But other than that, probably not much else to do.

By "we" I mean modders.