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#1 13 years ago

i want to change my reputation with duty faction so i can finish meeshons with General V.

i have done a lot of little jobs without saving and accidentaly didnt save before i shot too many of the dutyers on the 'destroy the duty faction' mission. -----

what i have tried:

* installed is stalker 1.004 and the final Redux.

* i added the dialogs_repair.xml (config/gameplay) and stable_repair_dialogs.xml (config/text/eng) from the ABC mod to allow 'repairing' your reputation


the traders now have the ABC diolog but _without_ the only part i wanted! no damn repair reputaion with factions.

there must be an easier way!? i googled and found a file name i supposedly could change the attitude / reputaion by switching a '1' to a '0' but the file didnt exist in my setup, nor in the unmodified setup

heeelp pls