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6th August 2007

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#1 11 years ago

After spending 20+ hours modding and getting nowhere fast, I have quit. I have released and achieved nothing. What has caused this; screenshots and youtube videos of what is called "AMKMOD" I found this 10 minutes ago through Oblivion Lost and I advise you to see it too. check you tube type in AMKMOD and you will see. Some russian punk has done the impossible, new 3d objects and all. Just installed it (in rushki {cant understand a damned word}) and am completely amazed. This is perfect, I am hurt insulted and shamed. Please someone give this guy a freaking medal then translate the mod into english. So far I have told you very little about this mod cos' I want you to see for yourselves how good this is and then cry like the feeble children we are. P.S. It makes the clear sky videos look like a kiddies crayon drawing!!!!!