Completely new to S.T.A.L.K.E.R and looking for some advice on mods to install -1 reply

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#1 10 years ago

Hey guys. I'm COMPLETELY new to S.T.A.L.K.E.R, but it looks very intriguing and I think I will enjoy it given that I liked Fallout 3 so much.

I just bought SOC off of ebay, and to be honest I was a little let down by the graphix. Yeah I know, I'm sure it's still a good game and all, but if I'm going to play all the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games, I want to get the best experience as possible my first time through.

That said, can you guys recommend me the patches/mods that I need for each game to have the best possible experience? I'm looking for texture mods, gameplay tweaks -- whatever. I don't want a completely different experience from the original, but if someone has improved something for the better, I'm all for that.

I know nothing of SOC or CS mods, but I looked up some on COP. I saw a couple that caught my eye (S.M.R.T.R and AtmosFear). However, I have no idea if I can install both of those at the same time and run the game.

Anyways that's why I'm posting here. Tell me what mods to download for SOC, CS, and COP, because I will get all 3 games. (starting with SOC, which I have.) I know everyone has different opinions on what they like but hopefully you guys will be able to point me in the right direction.

Just as an example, if one of you guys wanted to know what kind of mods to download for Crysis, I would tell you without hesitation to patch it up and download the "natural mod" (improved lighting and time-of-day cycles) and the "advanced ai" mod (self-explanatory). This is just an example of the kind of advice I'm looking for here.


Edit: What about "Stalker Complete 2009"? I'm really leaning towards that I think because it sounds like it's geared towards first-time players who want a more "current gen" experience. However, how exactly do I know what other mods are compatible or not with it? For example, if I want to download a weapon texture mod, or something like that.


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#2 10 years ago

Hey lukeman3000,

Nice to see a new face in the Cordon.

I'm gonna go straight to the answers that you seek.

For SoC, stick to Complete 2009 (now called Complete 2012, I believe) It's build on the ZRP Mod, which fixes a lot of bugs of the game left by the developers, even after the patches releases. It has some kind of a sound overhaul, weapon rebalancing, etc. If some weapon's texture doesn't suit you, it's easy to replace with one you like. Just replace the files with the new one.

Alternate weapons skins: FPSBANANA > Skins > S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-Shadow of Chernobyl

Some say it's better to play stalker at least one time without any mod (vanilla), maybe so you can appreciate the mods and the work put into them when you play with them. But like I said, as there are still a lot of bugs not necessarely visible at first sight, or on every playthrough, I would recommend you this mod.

For CS, same thing, it's called Clear Sky Complete.

For CoP, as I haven't played it and CoP Complete is not out yet, I would recommend Atmosfear (last version, oftenly updated, check the official site of CrommCruac) for the visual and weather part. For the rest, I wouldn't know.

If you have more question, I can only suggest you to post on the official forum, where the worldwide community is still actively developping mods and is very helpful.

GSC Game World - Official Site

Before posting, be sure to use the "search" function :D

See you in the Zone.