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11th May 2007

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#1 12 years ago

hi, im wondering if anyone can help me making hud textures for suits, so each suit would affect your hud vision. the new ABC release will have huge impact in gameplay, because its very progressive style and that will affect everything, so i have all scripts ready and it detect all suits, even if you decide to mod one, all you have to do is to name it with "exo", "merc", etc... , but im not a photoshop guy at all, that is why the suit i gave to bes in the last abc version looks so gay , but this one is better. anway, I can make the "base" textures, wich would be the "clean" version, but this is a dynamic script that follow the suit condition, so each suit would have 4 "conditions", like great, good, ok and bad, so each condition is an unique texture, as you are taking shot and not repairing your suit, it will affect your vison. like i said i can make the base huds, then i need some1 that can add those effects that would looks like a suit in bad condition, other in okay condition and etc... maybe one that looks like a broken window, you know? that would be a suit in a bad condition. i still need to tweak the base textures, this is how all exo suits look so far: abcexomaskhk7.th.jpg without exo suit: abcexonomaskfj1.th.jpg on top of that there is also another effect when you are getting shot, the screen flash in red. ========== btw have anyone seen this bug? npcbuggh8.th.jpg npcs keep looking wrong direction, very odd, seems to happen randomly when i load a save game.



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6th August 2007

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#2 12 years ago

plz check the AMKMOD files, just install it and delete the localisation folder it should run, they got ure suit related hud stuff. the gas mask looks cool