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4th August 2005

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#1 10 years ago

I am wondering if there is a way to change the pnb4uz exo suit to enable you to run with it on? I am using oblivion lost. I'm pretty sure thats the name of the suit if its not It is the improved version of the exo suit. I just overwrote all the trader files from the trader mod. I hope the ol didn't add any specific items to the traders that came with the ol mod. and might not be in the vanilla game.

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10th June 2008

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#2 10 years ago

yeah you may want to re download the ol trader files ^-^ ok if the exo is a uniqe look for it under unique items.ltx under gamedata/config/misc/unique items ltx standard exo are under gamedata/config/outfits ok there look for your suit It wont have the name you said there so look for all armour that has [exo_outfit] in its name or this line $spawn = "outfit\exo_outfit"

these are all teh exo type outfits change this line sprint_allowed = false to sprint_allowed = true then save the ltx while this approach will not be specific to your armour it will enable all exos suits in game to sprint which is more realistic as the suits in real life reseacrch are designed to allow troopers to sprint for very long times even if the trooper is badly injured in the legs hence making troops live longer. If your interested heres one of many prototypes Image:US Army powered armor.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

some info about the suits companys SBIR 99.2 Phase I Awards

Heres an actual video of the non militerised exo in action YouTube - SARCOS half human half robot

If you ony want to edit the suit you named it is the standard unique exo under unique items . ltx right at the top add the line sprint_allowed = true then save the name it will likley have will be exo_m1 or something like that {from memory}