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#11 12 years ago

Hey 10ar..... I believe you are probably correct about the modded weapons for this mod. I am going to take away the multi-ammo capabilities of the Kommander and the Kruzer. Again, that will be for this mod only. The FPS series of mods were designed with a theme in mind. The original is for the less experienced gamer, LEAN AND MEAN is for the mid-level gamer, and DOWN AND DIRTY is for the hardcore crowd. The emphasis is on FUN for the original FPS and for L&M and not realism , so the modded weapons will stay intact for those mods. D&D is a different proposal.....


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#12 12 years ago

OK everyone! Here it is! I hope it will meet the expectations of the hardcore gamers.... although I personally think that the weapons / armor repair feature and the increased stealth make it too easy. These features were added because of public response......

This mod was made for the 1.0004 Patch and it WILL require starting a new game! Also, it probably will not work with other mods unless you merge the files very carefully!! If you try to over-write the files, your game will probably crash.

This mod is a variant of the original FPS Fun Pack. It will have a much higher difficulty level than the original. You will have to think about food, ammo, and health items now as they are very scarce!

Life in the Zone has taken a turn for the worse. Gone are the days of fully stocked shelves at your local trader. Everyone is feeling the pinch... the bodies you search are almost dead broke. The weapons that you take off dead bodies are in very poor condition. The rewards and stashes are barely enough to get you by. Ammo and health supplies are hard to come by. You may have to set your favorite weapons aside while you build up ammo reserves for them. Food is almost non-existant...... you will have to hunt down mutants for your food! You have to plan your missions carefully or you could easily run out of supplies. While your enemies have gotten stronger, you have grown weaker. Your medical supplies are not as effective as they were before and you get hungry so often now....


Modified 3 unique weapons and 2 armors.

"FatRapper" - A modified VLA Special Assault Rifle that you can attach a SUSAT scope to that has true sniper scope magnification. The scope will not be available now until you get to the Dark Valley. Rechambered to fire all 9X19 ammunition. Magazine capacity 30 rounds.

"FatRap Snork Sweeper" - A modified USAS 12 automatic shotgun that has been shortened and lightened so that you can carry in your pistol slot. Fires all 12 ga. shotgun ammunition. 10 round magazine.

"FatRap Kommander" - A silenced Para Ordnance 1911 pistol that has been rechambered to fire all 9X18 ammunition. Fires in three round bursts. Magazine capacity 18 rounds. Very high rate of fire with minimal recoil due to special barrel ports. "FatRap Zoner" - A modified Protection suit that is suitable for all areas of the Zone. This suit enables you to carry an additional 20 kilos! Protection levels on par with the Military/ Scientific suits that currently exist in tne Zone. With the proper artifacts in your belt, this suit is ideal for STALKERS! This suit is equipped with the better night vision. "FatRap Grunt" - A modified Stalker suit that allows you to transport an additional 60 kilos. It has a lower protection level than the standard Stalker suit resulting in a lower cost. This suit is equipped with the better night vision. A true workhorse, and very inexpensive.

Basic carry weight decreased to 40 kilos....(45 max.) (To carry more use the special armors!)

Explosives can now be carried. (Very useful in tasks such as "Kill the STALKER" or "Destroy the Duty Squad")

Belt slots increased from 5 to 7 slots. (Adds more flexability in artifact selection)

Corpse stay time reduced from 36 hrs to 3 hrs. for humans and .5 hr for mutants. (Reduces game clutter, stuttering, and load times.)

Mutants are your main food source. The body parts they had before have been replaced with food items. The body parts will now appear in stashes so you can still complete the "Find the mutant part" type quests.

Inventory of traders reduced to a minimum. Food items are no longer for sale at the traders.

Traders will offer different prices for both buying and selling. (HINT! Yantar trader pays premium prices because he is in a location that is more remote than the other traders.) Freedom trader (Skinflint) has unlimited buying power like the other traders. (You will learn how he got his name when you see his prices! But... he has the best inventory! )

You can trade most items with other STALKERS. (You can PROPERLY equip all your comrades!)

NPC's will not drop weapons when you trade them a better one.

Tasks have less rewards than previously. Just the bare essentials are given for task rewards and for treasure locations.

Task time limit extended to 5 days. (Allows you to organize your jobs and enjoy the game instead of running back and forth through the levels just to meet a deadline!)

Fixed the faulty task in Yantar...Where the request was for a mutant boars leg, but the true target was a pseudodog tail!!

Box size of some ammunition lowered to limit inventory, and 12 ga. buckshot pellet count increased from 10 pellets to 15 pellets. "Terrible Reputation" bug fixed! (Reputation will not toggle from "Excellent" to "Terrible" as easily.)

Dialog will show the reward when you ask for a job. (Nice to know if a job is worth the effort.)

Flashlight has been modified to give better vision range with less glare.

Some artifacts have been tweaked a little...for instance, "Moonlight" has had the negative electrical shock aspect removed. (HINT!) You really want to find or earn the artifacts "Pellicle" and "Moonlight" !!!)

Crows are now shoot-able...this is just a feature to let you improve your "snap-shooting" abilities! This is a little buggy... sometimes the crows will fall to earth and sometimes they stay airborne and pirouette!

The jumping ability has been enhanced...you can now jump further and higher.

Certain NPC's have different starting weapons. For instance Fox will now have a Snork Sweeper instead of a sawn-off shotgun.

Wide screen patch incorporated in this mod.

NPC's are more resistant to dying in fires.

Added Hectrol's wonderful texture mod. It "freshens" up the game for those who have played it as much as I have! If for some reason you do not want to use it, simply delete the ACT folder that resides in the gamedata/textures directory. It might cause decreased performance in some computer systems that are memory challenged.

Added Siro's excellent weapon textures.

The "reach" distance of the knife is longer.

Armor will degrade approx. 10% faster than the original armor.

Weapons that you loot from dead bodies will be in poor condition.

Ammo, armor, and weapon prices have increased greatly!

Mutants are much harder to kill.

NPC's are harder to kill and they will bleed.

NPC's will not detect you as easily.

Marked One is not as robust as before... 10% less resistance to injury.

Marked One is much more likely to get hit by enemy fire.

Marked One will need to eat more often.

Anomolies are invisible and your detector has less range.

Anomolies are much stronger than before.

Bandages have been re-worked. They are 50% less effecive at stopping bleeding and now will help stop radiation sickness by 20%.

Medkits and bandages have no food value now.

Food has no healing value.

Night is now very dark. Cycles gradually just like in real life. This was made for full dynamic lighting settings. If you are using static lighting it may not look right. You can revert to the original weather settings by deleting the folder ~ weather ~ that is inside the gamedata/config folder.

Weapons and armor are now repairable. Repair prices are not cheap!

You can sprint in the exo suit now.

Download link: FatRaps FPS No-Fun Pack DOWN AND DIRTY for the 10004 Patch.rar



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#13 12 years ago

OK everyone.... finally got the mod uploaded to STALKERfiles. Hope everyone has fun with it!

FatRaps FPS Fun Pack DOWN AND DIRTY, Stalker Downloads, Stalker Singleplayer


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14th September 2007

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#14 12 years ago

this mod could do with more monsters.

EG: add snorks and zombies 'herds' to early levels add 'stronger' monsters (eg: bloodsuckers) to mid-late levels add 'dangerous' monsters to later-end levels.


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#15 12 years ago

Hey burninglegionx, Actually I am in the process of making a patch that will work with all 3 of the FPS mods. It will add in some of the cut out mutants and add a few extra of the standard mutants. It is in testing now. It doesn't put in huge swarms of mutants... just enough to get interesting. I prefer doing it this way rather than having it built into the mod itself. Gives folks a choice that way. Some want 'em and some don't. Some folks don't have enough GPU to handle the extras. This is something I have been playing with since before the 1.0004 patch.... been busy catching up since then.


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23rd April 2006

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#16 12 years ago

Ya awesome job FATRAP. Just played this weekend. Got the Cordon trader glitch for the first time ever after I installed the mod. (door locked) Only thing that pisses me off is bandits or others without nightvision seeing me in the PITCH BLACK nights and holy crap is it dark. Wish I could use the night for big stealth advantages but wow is this quite the challenge. I can't remember the last FPS where I had to count my shots so carefully. (Wolfenstein 3d maybe) lol:cool::cool::eek::eek:


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#17 12 years ago

Hi everyone! I have really enjoyed the forum experience and the interest that all of you have had in my mods. But, due to health reasons, I am going to have to step out of the forums for quite some time. I will try to keep up with my email... so if you have any questions or if your are having a problem with my mods, please feel free to email me! Thanx! Fatrap


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