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27th April 2008

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#1 10 years ago

Hello again, I'm changing some issues in "my mod". I already have the time running like hell. It's good, because i also want to make a video about that ... and the weather files. The problem is, the need of energy drinks, food and antirad is amazing!!! The first time i did this... well: 1 - New game 2 - Gd Master

Then, after the game starts... "Game Over" :lol:. Just like that. That's logic to me. And after that, Sidorovitch says "So Marked one..." :bawl:. The point is, i need to remove that limitation. How can i fix this ???

"That's it, this chat is over. Or you give me the info..." :naughty:

Any ideas? Thanks Insanelazarez