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#1 11 years ago

I may be missing something but I think I see a serious flaw with the way Stalker mods are listed on this website. As far as I can see there is no version information shown for mods at all - which I think can lead to some serious consequences such as Stalker crashing and save game corruption. All Stalker fans will likely know that Stalker has a troubled stability history and has had several patches over the years. The same is becoming true of Stalker Clear Sky, which has had 2 patches if I'm not mistaken. Let's take Stalker Clear Sky as an example. If I'm right, the lack of any version information for mods on this website will mean that those downloading any mods will not be able to know whether the extracted scripts are from database files for Stalker versions 1.01, 1.5.03 or 1.5.04. Surely when the developer releases patches, the executable files are not the only things in the patch archive? The patch archive will also contain updates to many of the .db files too yes? If so then if I, for example, am playing Stalker version 1.5.04 and I download the mod that allows you to carry more, how will I know whether that extracted script in the gamedata folder isn't the script from version 1.5.03, which may very well have been altered by a patch to remove scripting bugs? Also, I've tried using the Clear Sky database extraction tool to extract all files from the database, but how can I be sure that any of the scripts from the patch directory are replacing bugged scripts in the resulting unpacked directories? Is there no GUI browsing tool out there? CLI programs are so out of date for non-scripting purposes :) Any clarification on this potential issue (or my misunderstanding of it) will be welcome.


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23rd July 2008

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#2 11 years ago

That why you can merge files to make it work, most mods mention it in the read me, but you're right that the page has no patch version variable. Alot of the simple mods have no patch dependence. Always look at the files that youre altering, simply by looking at the size it will tell you if alot is changed.

You're example would not be altered, its mostly to the more complex scripts like xr_kamp, all.spawn that alot of people dont touch with a 10 foot pole.


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25th March 2008

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#3 11 years ago

If it's a criticism for the stalker files, I would put it where the network staff reads it:

Despite that, the mod pages have a field which is called "requirements". That's where sometimes people put the patch version. Other mods put a note into the readme. Many small mods do not mention the version though. Then it would be your task to find out if it works with your version. Merging manually and carefully does that.

For the extraction: Extract the db with the lowest number first and make your way up. That should guarantee that you have the latest files overwriting the older files. The patches are also stored in gamedata.db files (at least in ShoC), so they are in the later db versions.


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14th September 2008

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#4 11 years ago

I will Contact Ffxstalkerx,It isn't too much of a problem though. If you read the readme,It will tell you the version the mod uses.