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#1 12 years ago

I know the location of them, but I want to know a few things about it, if anyone happens to know. (only gamedata\sounds\characters_voice\human_0x\xxx\music & gamedata\sounds\music ...right?)

1. Are the songs played in any particular order? If so, what is the set order? Also, is there any way for a song to be forced to be played? 2. Is there a set time that needs to be conformed to for each guitar_xx.ogg song? (eg: guitar_3 is 1:16, I want to put a 2 minute piece) 3. Does the music have to be mono? Can it be of a higher kbps, 44khz, stereo, etc 4. Is there any way to get around copy-pasting every song to every folder that has the oggs in them? >_>


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#2 12 years ago


There's a guitar sound replacement mod around there. You may want to look at it..

Anyway.. 1. Random played, although (after playing the game for several months now) it seems (to me) some songs are played in some order.. You'll better look into the scripts for that.. for that and forcing a song to play. 2. Joker!.. Don't know that, although I think it can be any (reasonable) time. 3. Me know that : like original songs, mono and same khz, or the game crashes. 4. Someone else please ?.. me don't know.. :p

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#3 12 years ago

Thanks, I can finally put some good (copyrighted and purchased) acoustic songs into STALKER. :)

I haven't seen a guitar sound replacement mod anywhere except for the ones bundled with Faiake's and other mod compilations, though.