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27th April 2008

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#1 10 years ago

Hello guys, I'm really bad with scripts, and i have a problem. Remember this msg?

"Marked one,!? You're alive!? Great! So you managed to turn off the scorcher, he?"

The dialog is after the lab x10 mission of course. The idea is to spawn something ONLY when we hear that message. Example:

for i = 1, 1 do local spawn_position = vector():set( 381.37, -48.83, 54.80 ) alife():create("bloodsucker_strong", spawn_position, , ) alife():create("medkit", spawn_position, , ) alife():create("antirad", spawn_position, , ) end

I already have something like that in Rostok (in other location coodenates of course). I use the msgs of mercs and the scientists. I used the "xr_effects.script" and it works=p. But i cannot do the same in "Radar". Any idea? Or we can try to make the same but NOT with the msg, but only IF we have the "strelok flash drive" (aka "gunslinger_flash"), AND after the x10 mission of course. Like i said, i am really bad with scripts so... I know this is possible. But how? Any help? That's it guys. Thanks.



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10th August 2008

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#2 10 years ago

You can't spawn something on a different level by using the game vertex ID for the level you are on. And is your character, so is your location on that level (e.g., the Bar when you talk to Barkeep).

You need to go to the spot on the level where you want to spawn something, then get the level vertex ID and game vertex ID for that spot, as well as the x, y, z coordinates for the vector spawn_position.

Check out the STALKER Mod-Portal Wiki articles, specifically the "Spawning through script" article, to find out more about what you need to know.