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#1 10 years ago

Hey guys, thanks for checking this out. I'm currently running STALKER 1.0003 with the newest faiakes mod, the in game cc and the x46 armor cheat mod, and everything is working just fine. What i'm having trouble with is adding another weapon to the game. What I would like to do is add in a modified LR301. My idea is to make a 7.62 lr, with a high damage and high range. Perhaps a bit of a cheat gun, but to have fun with it. When I do add it, it causes the game to crash on boot. My coding for it is as follows:

[wpn_bradford_m1]:wpn_lr300 $spawn = "weapons\uniq\wpn_lr300_m1" description = enc_weapons1_wpn-bradford_m1 inv_name = wpn-bradford_m1 inv_name_short = wpn-bradford_m1 cost = 45,000 fire_modes = 1, -1 ammo_limit = 60 ammo_current = 30 ammo_mag_size = 30 ammo_class = ammo_7.62x54_7h1, ammo_7.62x54_7h14, ammo_7.62x54_ap sprint_allowed = true misfire_probability = 0.0 condition_shot_dec = 0.0 hit_power = 10.10, 10.10, 10.10, 16.60 hit_impulse = 0 fire_distance = 10000 bullet_speed = 150000 rpm = 500 scope_zoom_factor = 5.5


Description HereBradford BF1

when i add the gun to the trader files, i'm adding this: wpn-bradford_m1 = 1, 3

what am i doing wrong? any help appreciated! Thank you very much!


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25th March 2008

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#2 10 years ago


cost = 45[COLOR=Red],[/COLOR]000 ;just put 45000
wpn-bradford_m1 = 1, 3

There is now such item. You called it wpn_bradford_m1.

Dunno if there are more problems.

Also, checking the crash log can help to find the errors: If the game crashes to desktop, just open a text editor and paste the text from the clipboard (CTRL-V). Then you should get some hint where the problem is.