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#1 11 years ago

hey, I am using the reapir kit mod 1.1 by Autologic with oblivion lost 2.2 and everything works great from probability of finding one to repairing ammount etc. however only main problem im having is that when i overwrite the ui_icon_equipment file with the repair kit one all the equipment icons in the game become messed up :( and when i checked over the two ui files in photoshop they are both identical except one has the repair kit (which is obviously what i want). any ideas on how to fix this? help would be greatly appreciated :) *oh an i would have asked the author of the mod for help as well as posting this on the error reporting tread but both seem dead lol so i hope the people here can give a hand :) cheers


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#2 11 years ago

Well I can't get the repair kit to work at all. The UI file is what causes mine to crash and the weapons/armor no degrade mod doesn't work either. So I just edited all of the weapons to not degrade and figure I'll repair the good items and just use keep using them without having to worry abou them breaking again.


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#3 11 years ago

I had to delete the ARENA_EXTENSION_MOD section from the bind_stalker.script in order to get it work.

It looks like this in the ltx: [COLOR="Blue"]-- ----------------------------------------------------- ARENA_EXTENSION_MOD-------------------------------------------------------- aem_manager.get_aem():update()

--'for debug only --aem_grenade.scan_dif() -- ----------------------------------------------------- ARENA_EXTENSION_MOD----------------------[/COLOR]

It is in the script folder that you copy over from the mod, [COLOR="Red"]Gamedata\Scripts[/COLOR] folder bind_stalker.script