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#1 13 years ago

In ABC mod, b4 the 1.0 updater, there were heaps of monsters roaming 'round the levels.:rofl: After installing of ABC Mod 1.0 updater, i noticed quite a few less monsters in the levels. :lookaround: how would i go about restoring the original or even increasing the count of monsters in the ABC Mod 1.0? will i have to use the xrspawner applet to increase monster counts in the all.spawn file or, will i or can i alter the files in the actual ABC Mod. se_respawn file? game_relations file? since i have the hd space, i've extracted all game data files onto one of the other drives and use those files as reference/ backup, i have explored most of the games files but are unsure of what files to alter.... i'm still abit of a newbie in regards to the xrspawner thingy program and extensive modding...... though i've tweaked various stalker settings to my own preference :eg weapons, creatures etc i give rspeed 100 out of 100 for such a great mod!:bows:


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