How do you create bump maps? Help needed -1 reply

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3rd March 2006

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#1 11 years ago

I'm re-doing a few weapons, anyway sumone else released new bump maps for theirs so i wanted to do the same but dont know how, if anyone has a simple tutorial or knows how to do it well and would like to help me out reply


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#2 11 years ago

I m not sure if you are talking about bump map or normal map. so I will explain both. Bump map. black and white image represent irregularities on surface. You basically make bump map by looking at your plain texture (diffuse) and start painting a new texture of the same size but in grayscale mode, white means extrusion (bump) and black means grooves (hole) shades of gray means degrees between the 2 this will be your bump map. Once rendering your software will be taking that black and white image and multiply with some bump factor and you get a bump mapped object. Normal map: You created a crazy high poly model containing everything every nut and bolt and grooves then you have your 3D software calculate (render) you a normal map. then using the same texture coordinate, you assign this normal map on a lower polygon model. Normal map differs from bump map in the way that it create a much more believable illusion of details. However, it is not easy to paint normal map by hand like bump map since instead of grayscale bump map, normal map use Truecolor image (16 million colors) thus creating a bump map is usually left to the 3D apps to handle. However, there are a plug-in for photoshop to convert grayscale bump map to normal map format. I have not try it yet but its out there and should be easy enough to use.