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30th June 2006

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#1 11 years ago

The NPC death sounds in STALKER have bothered me for a long time. Time after time, whether I shoot an NPC in the head or the heart, they still somehow find time to mutter out some slurred last words before they expire, it sounds ridiculous.

So, I thought I'd like to replace the existing death sounds with more abrupt screams/gurgles (it sounds so twisted to say that :lol:), and also, if possible, work out some way to prevent death sounds from being played at all if a person is killed by a shot to the head. I have a collection of death sounds I got from a mod for Call of Duty, many of which are very suitable for this task, but I lack know-how. So I'm hoping someone here can help - I need to know the following:

* In which file death sounds are defined * How I'd go about formatting the sound files to work in STALKER (they're 16-bit mono .wav files) and, the most complex: * If there's any way to prevent death sounds from being played when an NPC is kiled with a shot to the head.


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12th July 2009

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#2 11 years ago

that is complex but i think i can help you out first of all tha game reads sounds as ogg files so you need to find a way to switch formats this way is simplest but dosent always work you can just rename it and switch the .wav to .ogg and windows will change the format second you need to place them in there apropriot folders in the gamedate/sound folder and about blocking the new sounds when shot in the heart or brain you have to use a code in someother file so keep looking around and i dont know the code so good luck have a couple of beers to:beer:


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4th July 2008

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#3 11 years ago

download the stalker SDK, its like 300 MBs. go to the stalker wiki and find the page about converting .ogg files for stalker. also find the gamedata archive extracter program and extract some of the sounds from the game to get the names of the files