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#1 11 years ago

Since the release we've seen an ever-growing amount of modifications for the game, from little tweaks to mod packs and compilations. They each do something here or there, but often affect the same files. I've obtained the STALKER Mod Manager program, which allows you to set priorities on the various mods you load into it. I can fully understand that you need to have the files zipped in a certain way(simply having the files inside your gamedata folder right inside the zip). The problem is this cuts out part of the other mods you've prioritized less.

So far I've gone through the mods I want and merged them manually and looked at programs for doing so a little quicker. Its just getting a little tedious with the volume of good mods coming out. Could someone make a mod manager that actually merges the said files, and only blots out conflicting lines in the code? I can understand if its a bit much, I'm just wondering if it can and/or will be done.

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#2 11 years ago

There's already a mod manager out there. Mod managers usually tell you of conflicts and allow you to pick out which mods override which (at least, that's how the Oblivion Mod Manager works). I'm not sure if the STALKER Mod Manager does that (I don't use it, and most mod-makers don't make their mods Mod Manager-compatible).

What you're looking for is a mod merger, and even that would require some manual working on the part of the user.

I personally recommend using WinMerge (Google it), which allows you to open two text files; WinMerge then highlights any differences, and lets the user choose which differences they want to merge/overwrite, and then you can do so with two two clicks of the mouse (right-click and select "Copy to Right" or "Copy to Left").

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