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13th October 2009

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#11 11 years ago
Encoded Nightmare;5070225O.o I've just realised how shit at modding i am XD the only thing i could do was cause a zombie appoc but i needed jamies guide for it :bawl:

I've learned a great majority of what I've learned by bumping around, poking at this here and there and whatnot... But I have a natural affinity for learning anything I *really* like that much. Stuff I couldn't care less about, I have no capability to learn it. So I guess I'm lucky that way. xD;;

It's like back when I used to hang out on Second Life and I created an avatar within my first week or 2 of being on there that that used several things which took other people many more weeks to learn... The only thing I ever ended up having to ask about was how to "flip" this one twisted object. The person I asked also had a bit of a rough time figuring it out, but he eventually figured it out and told me. The only thing I never learned before not returning to SL was scripting. ... Which is funny, because it's basically the reverse of that for me and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: SoC. xD Mostly because actual 3D modeling programs confuse the shiz outta me. :S I must not have as much of an interest to learn 3D models as I thought I did... Which makes sense to me. Anyways...

So, yeah. Basically I figure if a person has an actual significant interest in something, they can learn it really easy. Otherwise you'll never learn it enough, if at all. Hope you can find a way to make it simpler for yourself, EN... To be honest, I learned most of what I know from comparing vanilla files to those used in OL2.2 and other mods. ;) Some stuff still confuses me, though... Such as how things are named in the files versus their in game names. The files like to name things quite strangely... (I.e. The Duty faction being called "dolg" in the files. Pigs being called "tushkano" AND "plot," etc...)

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