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#1 13 years ago

hey all. whats good??

i'm relatively new to modding but ive read like every tutorial i could get my hands on and successfully made an mp5 that fires .45 calibre rounds with a reduced rpm and clip size to accommodate the more powerful round whatever, its not rocket science.... so now i'm trying to mod the SUSAT scope into a non-magnification red dot sight, like an EOTech, AimPoint, LCDO. and i want it to attach to all rifles, shotguns and smgs so i've edited the code and the game loads and spawns the item with out issue and i can buy it form the barman and everything. my problems now are... 1. the item name and description are wrong and it shows a part of the text code instead 2. i cannot attach it to anything at all lat alone an lr-300

so how do you determine which scopes go on what guns??

and wtf is up with the item name and description as they both worked fine when i made the .45 mp5??


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#2 13 years ago

There is an entry in the ltx for the specific weapons, pointing to which scope texture will be used, and which scope. I think its a case of one or the other with scopes, so your aimpoint would work if you replace the susat reference in the lr300 ltx. As for getting it to actually display on the weapon in game, that requires editing the weapon hud, which I don't think anyone has done yet without the sdk. Have a look at : G36 and lr300 Aimpoint Mod, Stalker Downloads, Stalker Weapon This should show you how to do it.


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#3 13 years ago

so, for assault rifles it would not be plausible to have multiple choices of scopes, but with smgs and shotguns(which dont have attachable scopes off the bat) it would be plausible... also they are shorter range weapons so a red dot type sight would be more logical. ok thanks eggchen