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29th May 2008

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#1 10 years ago

I'm playing OL2.0 with patch 1.6 although I've 'rebalanced' the weapons and traders etc. it seems to be running great on my 2nd "modded" play through now. :cya:

BTW NONE of these mods are my own and I don't try to claim them! I loved Oblivion Lost 2.0 and Atrocious add-ons and simply felt that for my game a few things might be more fun. Here's some of the things I changed for my personal preference;

All shotguns do major damage (1 shot kill on humans, dogs at close range) Shorter shotguns much more spread. AK47 more available, reliable, more powerful, less accurate. Western 5.56mm weapons accurate but less powerful than larger caliber rifles and slightly less reliable. .45 pistols much more deadly and slightly more accurate. Sniper rifles (SVD & SVU) much more deadly and VSS less so. Adjusted effective range of all weapons (pistols not effective at 800 yards anymore :rolleyes: ) Can run with RPG & gauss. People these days using RPGs seem to have zero problem sprinting around with them. (Exo suits can run as well) Drawing/equipping weapons or items is practically silent now. Greatly reduced reload noise of all weapons except shotguns and very heavy weapons are still slightly noisy. (Though animation ingame is fast if done very slowly and deliberately most weapons could realistically be reloaded quietly) Reduced sound of silenced weapons, especially the PMM and MP5 small caliber weapons. Makes them much more useful even later game imo. Overall, all weapon damage increased significantly. Without the heaviest protection 2 or 3 rifle rounds (or less) will kill you. A close shot from a shotgun will definitely kill you. Within say 5 meters the sawn-off shotgun is lethal. Beyond 20 meters you probably won't get hit but your buddies all may. :lol: I went through every weapon and tried to balance them as much as possible.

The suits I tried to make increasingly more effective as the price increases. For example, finally being able to afford a Skat-10 was disappointing because the protection wasn't better.

Mutants. I left most alone because they seem pretty tough. The chimera in my game is absolutely deadly though. It has more health and being fast a couple of these can be serious trouble. (2 of them actually killed Wolf out at the army warehouses. With npc invulnerable mod! lol I have no idea how) But I went through all creatures and most are more vulnerable to a headshot. Some, like bloodsuckers and controllers for example still require several head shots and others like flesh, pseudo giants are not effected. Seems better to me.

Traders I changed completely. Starting out is hard like vanilla and they still sell increasingly more as you complete major quests, but buying grenades and RPGs etc. type things you don't find at a bartender anymore. Only through Duty or Freedom. Same with military type suits. Duty issue suits only through Duty. Eco type suits only from Yantar. I also made it where the scientists will pay a bit more for artifacts than your standard trader, because these interest him. :p One thing I really like is that as you complete major tasks the scientist may sell progressively more potent artifacts including the the cool ones from OL2 though buying them is very expensive. You have to really consider creating on your own...or if you have the saved cash.....Now I have a use for loads of cash after I accumulate the suits and weapons I want. Part of this was inspired because I never have found ingredients or recipes to some artifacts after playing through several times! I made it where traders pay you a more fair price for goods too and they sell everyday things like bread or vodka inexpensively, but weapons or gear will cost you. Ammo isn't bad but affording the gun could be difficult for some time. Much more but I've already written a book it seems. :uhoh:

I'm using Atrocious mod that adds the P90 & PKM heavy machine gun, his faction change and reset, & npc invulnerable. I'm also using the acoustic metal mod, the winter mod (although this is awful with the single white dot and electro anomalies because you can't see either against snow! :uhoh: ) and now just waiting for OL2.1 and Clear Skies.

What I would like to know is how to adjust npc ability to 'see' in the dark. Bandits seem to be vampires will thermal vision while Spetsnaz can't see the hand in front of their face! How can I adjust the scope on the SVD & SVU, they are both off the same amount while the VSS can thread a needle. Would this require new texture? Can I use an alternate scope texture like AdvancedScopes pack without too many problems?


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16th June 2008

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#2 10 years ago

Speaking of the ol2 mod, I am wondering how to change the artifacts in the anomalies. What is a kolokob, and where do I find it? It says something about putting a kolokob in the fruit punch anomaly.