need HELP with OBLIVION LOST Vintar and AS Val sounds!!! -1 reply

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#1 11 years ago

Hey, I love the silenced vintar and As val weapons in oblivion lost, however i really hate the sounds and would much rather have the old ones back. I tried to delete the sounds in the oblivion lost gamedata/sounds/weapons folder (valvint ogg files) but the game crashes and the error file states that its missing those files! there are four of those sound files that are used for the weapons in the sound folder but they are not in the original stalker (vanilla) sound folder suggesting that if deleted from the oblivion lost mod the sounds would revert back to the original game. as stated this does not happen :( anyone have any ideas on how to revert the sounds back for these weapons?


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#2 11 years ago

Go to gamedata/config/weapon/ w_val and w_vintorez and change the sounds back to the original that way. These files are still looking for the new sound files you deleted and can't find them. snd_shoot = weapons\wpn_valvint_0, 0.7 ; t_val_shot ;silencer4a snd_shoot1 = weapons\wpn_valvint_1, 0.7 snd_shoot2 = weapons\wpn_valvint_2, 0.7 snd_shoot3 = weapons\wpn_valvint_3, 0.7 change them to back to snd_shoot = weapons\tm_val_shot_0 ; t_val_shot ;silencer4a snd_shoot1 = weapons\tm_val_shot_1 snd_shoot2 = weapons\tm_val_shot_2 snd_shoot3 = weapons\tm_val_shot_3


I didn't make it!

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#3 11 years ago

Thanks man! :) funny thing is i did all of that apart from the top line which i missed out afew things lol cheers anyway :D