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12th April 2007

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#1 11 years ago

Does anyone know how to export from 3ds max 9 ogf files or to convert obj back to ogf. Ive found a way to convert ogf to obj but cant convert back. Any help would be wonderful.



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14th May 2007

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#2 11 years ago

That's the core of the entire problem. I think some time ago ... probably they were low on cash and they went for free stuff. It seems original files were created in Maya or Wavefront or some pretty nice package like that, but the files were dragged through OGF conversion. My best bet is that they grabbed the program described below and customized it for Stalker:

"OGF or libOGF Open Game Framework

This library is built on top of the Simple Direct Media library, or libSDL. You need it... get it at Simple DirectMedia Layer.

It also uses the OpenIL DevIL imaging library. You need it too.. get it at www.imagelib.org - DevIL - A full featured cross-platform Image Library it may have other requirements

The thing makes a library and a sample The library is libOGF on linux and macintosh and SGL.lib for windows. The sample is ogf_sample on linux and the 'tosh, and sample.exe on windows. For linux there is a makefile, it's not prety but it works. Just type make linux For Mac there is a makefile, it's worse, and it may not work, try typing make mac and pray. For Windows there is a Visual C++ .net 2003 ( vc 7.1 ) workspace that will build the lib, and one that will build the lib and the sample. If you have an older version of VC, then sorry, you'll have to make due.

The lib does a lot of things;

Create a window bound to an openGL context Handle perspective and matrix transofrms Provide simple cammera support. Manage openGL lights. Load up images in a number of formats and bind them as textures, including; png, jpeg, bmp, tga, tif, psd, and many others. Provide OS indepenend File IO Classes for loading and saving prefrences/config files. Classes for managing command line options from any OS Wrap up the SDL event manager in a clean C++ game loop class Provide 3d math classes for vertex, vector and matrix calculations Provide 3d frustum clulling classes that can pull frustums from openGL Time classes Input management classes OpenGL Font rendering from image based fonts, with multiple input sizes, and smart blending. Animated mesh manger that can use Quake3, Unreal , or Wavefront OBJ models. Pannel manager for simplified menu GUI in openGL"

Anywho, it seems the project is inactive for the last 2 years or so, but the files for making this OGF program are still there. See if you can find someone to compile it for us (it shouldn't be that difficult if all required files are there (but am not sure that all are there). Also, I've seen the project lead guy's name in at least one of the Stalker files. Anywho, check it here (Win files are in VC71 dir.): SourceForge.net Repository - [ogf] Index of /OGF