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#1 11 years ago

In OL your aim would move/drift if you were standing upright, less so if bent down, much less so if crouched down. Very obvious on sniper rifles. How is this done? I've edited the disp_ values in actor.ltx to match those in OL2.2 - but don't get the 'breathing' wobble effect I want (I'm trying to put it back into Complete 2009) As an aside - does anyone know how to simulate a disguise - the player 'puts on a coat' and all other NPCs believe and react as if he was a Bandit? Many thanks.


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#2 11 years ago

Half fixed - I have found out how to do the floating/settling aim business! Still stuck on emulating a disguise... so any help v welcome... H


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#3 11 years ago

STALKER is very adaptable, you could probably copy/paste some stuff from faction relations into the chosen outfits script: "duty relations" -999999999 "freedom relations" -9999999 "loner relations" -99999999 that would proabably simulate the hate most people have for the bandits. I also beleive it is a modifier of whatever it was before you put it on so taking the outfit off would restore faction relations to normal. give it a try bro. contact me at [EMAIL="pickle.surprise@hotmail.com"]pickle.surprise@hotmail.com[/EMAIL] if you have questions or would like any further help I MAY be able to give. P.S: I have some experience in this "adaptive script" technique. I once made the exo suit reduce recoil using it. Though I have never tried to make disguises. (remember to use actual script out of the faction_relations file)