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6th January 2008

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#1 10 years ago

The weirdest thing happens to me, though I have the mod installed and enabled them, the rest of the mod works fine, but I don't see blowouts or horror time. I"m currently in the dark valley and i restarted after installing the mod. I have also edited the line required to get mods running, all of it seems to work but those two aspects of inferno even though they are enabled and installed correctly. Here is my data file: -- Spawn Cabrobro NPC? (yes/no) - Well that is me :), if you want help, "I" can repair your weapon and -- "I will take care of rookie camp" or you can try to kill me :/ but im sure will put up a good fight. Remember this -- is only one time change, if you choose yes, there is no way to remove. cabrobro_npc = "no"

-- Allow weapons to be used in any place, like: bar, bunker, etc...? (yes/no) weapon_inside = "no"

-- "Blowout Waves" aka BLOW, leave as "yes", this version is better, after 1st "BLOW" the random event will take more than 5 hours to start again. (yes/no) blowout_waves = "yes"

-- "show off" Little preview for cordon, after 5 minutes you will see the BLOW, after 1st mission it will stop. (yes/no) showoff = "yes"

-- spawn mutants after BLOW? should leave this setting as "yes" to see more type of mutants. (yes/no) spawnblow = "yes"

-- Do next "BLOW" after how many hours? -- Notice that the next random BLOW will only happen after 4 hours and then it will start the random event. blow_hours = 4

-- Blowout Waves should affect NPCs with random effects? (yes/no) blowcanaffectnpc = "yes"

-- Spawn more mutants for BLOW? (yes/no) spawnmoremutants = "no"

-- Horror Time, spawn mutants during night time. (yes/no) horrortime = "yes"

-- Spawn more mutants for horror time? (yes/no) spawnmoremutantsh = "no"

-- how fast npcs and creatures should spawn/travel through levels? -- use: "alot", fast", "med", "slow", "abc"(mod default) or "vanilla"(game default) myspawnrate = "abc"

-- Gore (on/off) / Blood effect for Super Gauss and others weapons? gore = "on"

-- Use suit hud? (yes/no) - If your current suit have a helmet or a gasmask, it will affect your vision. -- You can also buy "ABC Tools" to remove helmet/gas mask use_suit_hud = "yes"

-- Use scope over suit hud? (yes/no) -- yes = you will see the world through the scope and helmet, more "realism". -- You can also buy "ABC Tools" to remove helmet in real time to snipe with a clean vision. -- no = your vision will be clean(Game default) use_suitnscope_hud = "yes"

-- join others factions(Military, Merc, Monolith, Bandit) before finishing the game? (yes/no) -- Leave as "no", so you can have the "normal gameplay" and complete any quest, then after you finish, you can go back to -- trader and ask him about joining factions. Freedom, Duty and Ecologist is on by default and you can repair Stalkers status.

joinfactions = "no"

-- Vaporize (on/off) - Vaporize effect(make the body disappear), it may be a little bug, turn off if your game start to crash, -- (Gore mode must be On) vaporize = "off"

-- Chaotic Weather(on/off) - Totatlly random and Chaotic Weather effect. -- Every hour there is a chance to be a different weather, if "off" most Chaotic weather will be skiped. dynamic_weather = "on"

-- Remove Portal Spot from PDA? (yes/no) -- Info: if for some reason your game crash and if it's related to "level_tasks.script", set this option to "yes" -- I dont think it will happen, but it happened once to me, i dunno if i did something wrong, but since then it never crashed. remove_portal_spot = "no"

-- How many npcs you should be able to hire? npc_limite = 5

-- Use save game method for freeplay? (yes/no) / no = level changes will be used. savemethod = "no"

free_ai = "yes" So as you can see this is the inside of my db file inside the scripts folder in my gamedata folder, horrortime and blowouts should be working and they're not. I'm also running float 32 and patch 1.4. Any ideas as to why? Thanks for any help. Also Corboro is in my stalker ranking list even though he shouldn'y even be in the game as i never enabled him.


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#2 10 years ago

I dont have an answer for you other than maybe install smart mod manager and use it to turn on abc inferno. It will tell you if you have a conflicting mod.

The funny thing about your post is that I have been playing inferno for over a month and this is the first time i have heard about that file.....

So now i have to start over to try the mod with those settings changed.....

Thanks for the info


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3rd October 2007

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#3 10 years ago

Hi Rspeed, I have the opposite problem. I have played all of your versions and I know everything is downloaded right. I am using the beta 1.4 patch. Anyway, I have horror time turned off in the db file, and I started the game with it off, but it keeps popping up. In every level so far, even when I was trying to go to yanta with the professor. I have it all of the time, please help me or I cannot play the mod. There are not enough bullets and health packs to have horror time in every level. Plus, I thought this was off by default in the Wild Territorys. Please help me. Thanks


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16th May 2008

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#4 10 years ago

install smart mod manager - what is it ansd where do I find it?


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18th July 2006

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#5 10 years ago

Stalker Mod Manager V1.2 -

More efficient way of installing mods. Also creates a backup of your previous gamedata, so you can roll back at any time.