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#1 13 years ago

I decided to give Stalker another run through, but this time, I decided there was probably a few great mods on the market. So why not upgrade from vanilla and play through? I found quite a few to be to my liking. One that increases chances of finding stuffs in stashes, one that adds darker textures, loads new weapon textures and types, more monsters and an overall fight for your life feel. But I found that, after saving, I was unable to load the game again. I downloaded the 1.0005 patch. That's probably the problem, the old mods aren't compatible with the newest patch. One mod I'd like to use and don't want to do without, is the Endurance mod. It increases what you can carry, so you can get more stuff without worrying about running back and forth a million times. For a second playthrough, I found that more appealing. Works fine. Until you decide to quit and need to reload the save, in which case it crashes. I figured out what the modder changed, and did it myself using the newest version of the game files, but the save still crashed the game. Even a fresh save on a new game, same thing. I'm stumped. Can anyone help?