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11th January 2005

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#1 12 years ago


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Realism Pro - 0.08b -------------------- The Mod This mod is an effort to bring together the most realistic aspects of the game, while being able to retain and increase the amount of fun and realism and not making the game any 'easier'. Feel your feet hit the ground when you run, and the punch when a bullet slams into your vest, or the steady sweat making the first critical shot from 300 yards. Get your bandages ready! For greatest effect I recommend starting a new game!

Index I Basic Changes II Weapons Changes III Ammunition Changes IV Suit changes V Improvements VI Appendices VII Things to come VIII Installation

Basic Changes - - - - - - - - - - Anomalies and artifacts much rarer, anomalies much stronger & invisible - Darker Nights and fix (thanks to Badmagic/MrKlorox) - Adjusted flashlight radius - Revamped all weapons (see II) - Completely new ammunition descriptions (see III) - Reworked grenades to be more realistic - New ammunition types (see III) - Fully adjusted recoils - New blood (Thanks to Paddy) - Reworked damages and hitboxes - Removed gun 'flames' - Can add add-ons to a lot more weapons, nearly all can accept at least one of them - Completely reworked ammunition values (see III) - Bandages work better, but do not heal - Medkits don't stop bleeding - Invisible Anomalies - Advanced bullet ballistics (see II, III) - Reduced weapon jams - Re-worked suits (see IV) - Limping enabled and tweaked - Bleeding is much more common - Decreased run/walk speeds to more realistic values - New weapon sounds (Thanks to Solecist, xLWH, ch0, FTC) - Deeply studied ammunition load outs and capabilities (see III) - Corrosive and Non-Corrosive ammo types (see III) - Repair mod (Thanks to MoDD/quorn23) - Replaced the LR300 and SG550 firing sounds - Fuse on grenades has been shortened to about 1.5/2 seconds - Removed the 'zoom' on all sidearms - New L85/G36 crosshairs (Thanks to Wildwing)

Weapon Changes - - - - - - - - - - I have tweaked the weapons to no end, everything has been done to make them as true to life as possible; albeit it still needs some tweaking to get things working right. The most implemented and perfected part of the weapons changes is the damage system. A great deal affects how much damage your gun is really going to do, it doesn't matter how far into the game you are or what gun is the rarest; I played no favorites, the formula was generically applied to all of the weapons to achieve the result. Factors that effect the weapon damages are:

Projectile Velocity Projectile caliber Barrel Length

Velocity was measured from the muzzle, and average barrel length was determined for each kind of firearm, taking an average of the most popular rifles. All of the weapon weights, projectile velocity, calibers, and accuracies were done with my own brewed mathematical formulas to come out with an end result that would be fit in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The more difficult formula being the accuracy formula, I used a tried and true algorithm to find the approximate twist rate needed in the barrel for each caliber, taking into account it's velocity, weight, diameter and projectile length. (See Greenhill Formula, VI) However this is still approximate, and accuracies for pistols and shotguns still needs to be done. After getting the result from the Greenhill Formula you go through a series of math problems, this consists of:

Average Barrel Length Projectile Type Manufacturing Quality Barrel twist rate Muzzle velocity

This should produce the most accurate approximate number in the end, giving the player the feeling of advanced bullet ballistics. Remember though, shot placement is everything.

Ammunition Changes - - - - - - - - - - - - Probably the most important part of the gun, the ammunition. Don't necessarily believe the little stat bars on each weapon, because the ammunition does the dirty work. And for this reason, I re-wrote every pistol and rifle ammo description in the game from scratch. I researched every round to make sure the values and abilities of the ammunition was up to par with what it really should be like. In each description you will know the following things:

Jacket type Core contents Projectile form Caliber Projectile type Projectile weight in grains Primer used If it's corrosive or non-corrosive Manufacturer Location of manufacturing Year of production (for military calibers sometimes)

I must have re-written all of the values in the weapons.ltx file several times to get everything how it should be. For those of you who don't know so much, here's a quick guide on the projectile types, and what they're good for.

Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) - Best used as a standard round, good for piercing metal and body armor, but doesn't do the job as well as an armor piercing round. Usually consists of a copper jacket and lead core. Hollow Point (HP) - Great anti-matter round, perfect for taking out living things. The hollow cavity at the tip of the bullet fills with matter, expands and fragments inside of the body causing great internal damage, but it's not so good for punching through metal. It's hollow point also slightly affects accuracy. Soft Point (SP, or PSP) - Another great anti-matter round, instead of having a hollow cavity like a hollow point projectile, it's made of a soft malleable material. When entering the body it 'mushrooms', keeping itself intact and not fragmenting, but creating horrendous internal damage. It also doesn't affect accuracy as there is no hollow cavity to fill with air in flight or put the projectile off balance; Thus not disturbing it's centrifugal force. Another type of soft point, the pointed soft point has an armor piercing formed projectile, but with the same soft point the standard round has. It's much better and punching through body armor then the former. Armor Piercing (AP) - Usually has a copper-washed steel jacket and a steel core. These rounds are able to punch through thicker metal and armor then any other projectile.

Here are some of the few new ammunition types you will see in game: .45ACP Hollow-Point 5.45x39 Hollow-Point .223 Remington Pointed Soft Point 9x19 Hollow Point

All of these will be highly noticeable in game and will create an atmosphere like never before, where choosing your ammunition greatly matters in the application that it's going to be used for.

Suit Changes - - - - - - - - Not as finely tuned as the last two, but still impacts game play. No longer will your leather jacket protect you from really anything, except maybe splinter protection. The system is logical and easy to understand. Wearing a full body suit with a closed breathing system will grant you 0 protection from a lot of stuff, including radiation. (Exo suit, anyone?) But wearing a partially open suit with no breathing system will get you to maybe 0 radiation protection. It's a logical and true system.

Improvements over the last version - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I noticed in the last version some of the pistols were severely underpowered, so modifiers were given to their damage and I rewrote a new damage formula just for pistols. I still need to work out their accuracies though, which will come in a later version. - Recoil! I havn't finely tuned all them yet, but they have all been changed for the most part.

Appendicies - - - - - - - - Wikipedia for the 'Greenhill Formula' and general rifling and twist rate information

Things to come - - - - - - - - - - Several new ammunition types and maybe some 'upgraded' weapons. New ammo types planned are: .40S&W (real Sig P220 round, as well as others) .50AE (Desert Eagle) 7.62x39 (Standard Soviet round for Ak-47, SKS, etc.) .38 Special

Might have an Ak variant with a new barrel etc. to handle the older and much better (in my opinion) 7.62x39 FMJ and HP round. I still need help with the traders inventories as I can't seem to be able to work with them, please let me know if you can help me! Installation - - - - - - - - - Just unpack this zip file into your STALKER main directory Download it! The Stalkerfiles mirror should be up shortly


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11th November 2006

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#2 12 years ago

Well, I must say, your attention to real life detail and modding skills are, well, excuse my terminology:

t3h pwnz0rz 2 t3h m4x

Think you could also work on the Grenades? Make them a bit less "I'm an explostion, ph33r me!" and more like "Boom, haha your head fell off in tiny pieces."

Oh, and the trader scripts are a bit of a bitch imo.


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27th January 2003

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#3 12 years ago

Looks very cool!

I tried editing your post to put in the StalkerFiles link, but the forums seem to be having problems at the moment. :\

Anywho, here it is:;77828

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#4 12 years ago;77828

Here is the STALKER Files link....

Editing of posts is borked

EDIT: Damn you Deimos!!!!

EDIT #2: Weird, that edit worked.....

If there is no image, Mikey broke something...


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#5 12 years ago

What program do you use to make OGG sounds in this game ? I am dying to get my hand on one so I can pump out my own mod as well.

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4th April 2007

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#6 12 years ago

@FoxTwo: If you take a look at niphty's guide, it seems that anything over 100% still doesn't seem to do much, insofar as armor is concerned. Also, IIRC, he said that if you ran into an anomaly, you'd get healed, or if you fell from a very high position and landed, you'd be healed, but getting shot... well, you'd be shot.

@Frosty289: I used your previous Realism Pro mod, and I loved it. Granted, I'll have to start a new game to use this one, but that's okay. It'll be a restart of my ninth run through the game. ^_^

-- Grifinhart

EDIT: Whoa. How'd this end up here? This post is supposed to go after FoxTwo's.


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5th April 2007

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#7 12 years ago

I havent yet tried out this mod but i am really digging the time you must of put into the ballistics and such. I did see a problem however with Invisible Anomalies part tho.

Just to throw out a possible fix, dont ask me how you would do it. What about some form of IR-esque Technology, somehow tied to a key like nightvision?


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30th September 2005

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#8 12 years ago

I seem to have encountered a problem with this mod in combination with armour mods.

I was playing around making a new armour of my own, following niphty's excellent guide. Upon testing my armour, I got ripped to shreds (yeah I started a new game, put on my armour, and ran to the nearby guard post near the newbie camp, who shot me on sight).

Thinking I might have screwed up my modding, I looked for released mods, and downloaded moshpit's X-46 battlearmour. It's a cheat-armour, ie supposedly invincible.

Same thing, started a new game, put on moshpit's X-46 armour, and ran to the same guardpost. Ripped to shreds too. Wow, bullets are penetrating even 10000% protection armour!

What I did notice about both my own armour and the moshpit's X-46 armour is that... as the NPCs are shooting at me, I get hit.. on my own armour, I do see my health dropping (as it should, since it's not 100% protection). Then suddenly.... health bar drops by an insane amount to less than 1/4... then in the next second, dead.

On the X-46 armour (the "invincible" one), health was steady at full... then suddenly same thing - health had a drastic drop and then BAM! Dead on the ground.

Seems like some NPCs *might* be using armour piercing bullets? Do they have such a penetrating power to take my health down to less than 1/4 immediately?

So... which file(s) should I modify for your mod (not my armour mod, I am talking about the realism mod) for it to recognise armour protection values?


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30th September 2005

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#9 12 years ago

Final Warrior:

Thanks for the reply (although I have no idea why your reply is above my post).

I am new at this modding thing, so I do not profess to know what I'm doing :) But, I want to clarify - in niphty's guide, when he mentioned about healing yourself in an anomaly and jumping off high places, isn't it to illustrate what the various values (1.0, 0.0, -1.0) mean?

Or did I read wrongly, and that all while wearing any kind of modded armour you can heal yourself in an anomaly?

Also, since I'm at work and I can't try it now.... I will post again once I removed *ALL* mods and test both my armour and the X-46 invincible armour mods back at the guard post. See if I get that insane damage again and report back.


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28th March 2007

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#10 12 years ago

FoxTwo, it might help if you start your own thread and post the values of your armor and such in it, rather than derailing someone else's thread :) To be honest, the military guys are rampant. If you go to their area without a good sniper rifle, you'll probably die. It's that simple. My suit doesn't help you too much - you still bleed, you still lose health, etc. I think the engine limits the effectiveness of the armor, regardless. If you use something like this realism mod in combination to awesome armor, you may find the bullet properties that've been tweaked outweigh any and all protection armor might provide, give that they're shooting AP rounds.

As best I can tell, armor only protects you from the elements 100%. Bullets and the like it can only do part of the job on. I -believe- when you see your health not moving, then it suddenly drops, then you've taken a pretty hardcore burst to the head. The head armor is very restricted by the engine, and a good sniper round to the skull can just about end anyone's day, regardless of what they're cheating with :)

The point of healing in anomalies is that the armor values are unstable, based on what they should do and how the engine should treat them. I haven't re-run the tests with the patch, and we all know 1.0 had a ton of odd bugs like that, so those values may mean more or less than they did when I wrote the tutorial. It was just odd that your suit would heal you in an anomaly or from taking falling damage, but not from a gunshot.