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Lord Pariah

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10th June 2008

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#41 12 years ago

Hi guys ! What do you think about that weapon : YouTube - STALKER Toz 34 di precisione 1.1

It looks very nice I can see two problems however: 1. the stock of the weapon should also dip down when reloading during the barrel break. like bm-16

2. the only smooth bore sniper rifle currently in production is the Styer IWS2000 which is 15.2mm FSAPDS. I'd dearly love to see this gun ^-^

I do like your shotgun hybrid but i have to say it isn't very realistic. If you dismounted the PSO-1 you may be asble to pass it off as one of the new generation of sporting shotguns which are purpose bult for sniping larger game, such as deer. But i have never seen one that even has a provision for rails.... I suppose you could make the sporting shotgun and then make a unique versions which would have a scope on and you could use the one you have there.

By the way when you put that PSO-1 scope on it did you have to edit the dds for toz? or did you change a script line and make it use the pso-1, if so how could i change it to use susat? {im probably won't, but just for the sake of knowing}


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2nd October 2007

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#42 12 years ago

Hello Well, my mate Sacrificato is poking around sdk, so that weapon isnt finished yet, we know it's a bit unrealistic but it's a funny weapon, by the way if you are interested in new weapons, there is a topic on gsc game word forum about new weapons : GSC Game World - Community