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26th April 2008

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#1 11 years ago

I have a minimod for you guys...

Stalker_Nerd_minimod.rar - download now for free. File sharing. Software file sharing. Free file hosting. File upload.


- Stalker 1.0004

Stalker Nerd minimod "The result of 60 min, with nothing else to do"


For this minimod, i used...

- Imperialreign (Commented sounds for the "Girl mod") - *** MegaFenix *** The creator/creators of the "Girl mod" (I'm not sure about the name, but i believe it is MegaFenix) - GSC/THQ (For the best game ever) - GSC/Deep Silver (For several sounds of Stalker Clear Sky, and for a good a game too) - I believe the girl model was based on the "Half Life"


- The changes are located only in Stancia 1 (NPP1) - 2 Neutral npc Helicopter drops; 1st drop : * 3 Super girls (They are going to the "Grunt leader position", just follow them. It's very cool) ** 6 Normal ecologists (same objective. Don't forget they are neutral to the military. But they will die real fast) *** A new neutral npc (Same objective, Borov visual) **** The helicopter will drop items too (antirad, medkits, and energy_drink) - The heli goes to a safe position - When actor is in the "final gates position" and the task update is given... the heli will fly to the last drop position. 2nd drop : * 4 Normal ecologists (no objective) ** 3 Normal girls (no objective) *** 1 Super girl (no objective) **** 4 Fn2000 + energy_drink + ammo_5.56x45_ap - To make sure you have the time to see the npcs in action i changed the blowout timer (you have 30 mins now) * You can change the timer value in the "config\scripts\aes\aes_timer.ltx" this way: Line 11 start_value = 1800000 (milisecs)

- I also removed the BTRs (I hate that crap) That's it. Have fun.

Btw, don't worry about the pilot. He's an old friend, his name... "Scar"

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