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#1 9 years ago

hi i just want to know how to change the death sound and gun sounds and maximum weight:)


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#2 9 years ago

First thing's first, you need to decompress the game's files so you can work on them. If you're using an overhaul mod most of the important files are probably part of it and you can skip this step, otherwise, you'll need to unpack the game's database (.db) files to get access to the gamedata. Search for "unpacker" on STALKER files to find a tool for this purpose. Death sounds - Are you talking about the sounds when the player dies or when other characters die? In either case I'm not sure.

Gun sounds - Which sound file each weapon uses is defined in its config file. You can find them in \gamedata\config\weapons\

The section you're looking for will look something like this.

snd_draw = weapons\colt\draw snd_holster = weapons\pistol_holster snd_shoot = weapons\colt\shot snd_shoot1 = weapons\colt\shot1 snd_shoot2 = weapons\colt\shot2 snd_shoot3 = weapons\colt\shot3 snd_empty = weapons\colt\empty snd_reload = weapons\colt\reload snd_close = weapons\pistol_holster

That points to sound files in \gamedata\sounds\.

Carry weight is defined in two files: \gamedata\config\system.ltx and \gamedata\config\creatures\actor.ltx

Look for this line in system.ltx:

max_weight = 50

And look for these lines in actor.ltx:

max_item_mass = 50.0 max_walk_weight = 60

With those settings, 50kg is the practical weight limit up to which you can walk without getting tired, and 60kg is the point where you can no longer move due to excess weight. Change them to whatever you like.