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#1 11 years ago

Hi all,

I,m not sure if this should be in modding or general discussion :confused: but here goes...

I've been thinking, i own STALKER Radiation Edition and i have access to BETA 1154. Does anyone out there know, or has already tried, to run the BETA Maps (level 1 or 2) under STALKER Retail Versions? Is there anyway to do so, and what commands are required? Will it work with all the retail patch versions? or just the unpatched games?

Seen as this topic covers the BETA, i'm not sure if i can post regarding this on this forum, if i shouldn't or it's against the rules (i did have a look but wasn't sure if BETA discussions were valid even if it regarded the retail game) just give us a shout and i'll remove my post :)




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#2 11 years ago

as i understand it the beta maps are just a little different from the retail maps

there is a bunch of work being done right now on a home brew singleplayer map creator for the retail game. if that happens it should not be too hard to convert those beta maps to the retail set up. im sure if oyu go to GSC Game World - Official Site

they will give you the low down on what can be done now..

i would love to check out the beta stalker.. must be very hard to find it.


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#3 11 years ago

Please do not discuss the beta/alpha version.

Thank you.


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