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30th September 2005

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#1 14 years ago

Hi guys...

Now that we've fixed silencers (sorta), I thought it's time we mucked around with the detection routines. Since SH's Detection Mod seem to only alter one file, the m_stalker.ltx file, I thought I would start there.

Among the more interesting lines, are these:

[stalker_sound_perceive] weapon = 2 item = 1 npc = 1 anomaly = 0.0 world = 0.2

What's interesting is that "anomaly" is set to 0.0.... very likely why NPCs keep running into anomalies :)

In any case, I tried changing the "weapon = 2" line to "weapon = 0.5" to attempt to lower the detection rate of weapon fire, but didn't seem to work. However when I increased it to "weapon = 4" it seemed to work, ie I shoot someone, his buddies might see him fall over and die, but they don't automatically shoot in my direction. All this, is of course, me shooting from cover, some distance away, with a "fixed" silencer.

My question here is this - anybody know exactly what the values in these lines mean? Higher = lower chances, or what?

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4th April 2007

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#2 14 years ago

With the way some of the other stuff is coded (such as scope_zoom_factor), you're probably right. Try setting anomaly to 0.1, and see what happens. If that doesn't work, try it at 100, or something.

-- Griffinhart