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#1 10 years ago

So I rather enjoy this modification, things seem balanced, but why in the heck is my guy hallucinating, why does he wake up from a nap with rats and zombies all around him? I thought this was a story of a nuclear disaster zone, not Resident Evil. So, which folder/files do I need to remove/modify to stop him from tripping out, also, how do I stop the rediculous blinding flashes of light I seem to come upon every three minutes? If I wanted to trip out, I'd eat an acid, not play a video game. Don't think I'm being rude at all, I really really like this mod, the idea to teleport, radiation weapons, repairing, this is all really cool, but when you mix in some crazy 60's sci-fi rats and zombies, well, I've grown tired of Evil Dead movies anyway. Thanks again! DB