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#1 11 years ago

Is anyone else annoyed by being shot through brick wall and steel gates. :mad: In the bandits headquarters level on the way to the lab I managed to get in to a small underground hallway only to be shot through the bick wall by a bandit. In the garbage level I was shot at by bandits through a solid metal gate, I did kill them in the same way shooting at the gate. I don't mind dying but in realistic ways PLEASE!!!!! I am running the 10001 version. There are still a lot of AI bugs to fix. The game is difficult enough without these problems SAVE OFTEN:D Don't even talk to me about being able to get items from inside locked cabinets without opening them LOL


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#2 11 years ago

Thats not an AI bug. You are supposed to be able to shoot through certain objects in S.T.A.L.K.E.R., including that metal fence you mentioned since I've experianced it as well.


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#3 11 years ago

When I read the title of your thread I assumed it might be about the inadequacies of the AI's behavior, rather than damage physics parameters. In an interview of the dev he said even the AK-47 in real life can punch through an engine block of a car indicating the vehicles in the game wouldn't necessarily beee good cover. Expect some of the weapons to be pretty leathal. The bandit's guns don't seem to be as powerfull though, so it may be a bug. After playing through to the end a couple of times now I am thinking the opposite, the game is too easy, largely due to quirks with the AI. You can be engaging in a firefight with a few guys a room or two away from someone and by the time you get to him he'll be kneeling next to a wall staring into it looking the direction the sound came from rather than watching the door that you'll have to come through to go his way. This kind of thing really takes me out of the intensity of the game. It makes it easy to just silently crouch sneak to the door and catch him in the side of the head as he's staring into the wall. There's also many times when you catch one of them doing it you'll shoot them from behind and they won't even turn around. The AI is better than some games in the sense that they are aware of your prescence both visually and audibly, but they really need to be more aware of what direction they're taking gunfire from and the exit paths the player has to take.