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#1 10 years ago

Ok, so here's the order of events leading up to my problem. I just bought Stalker off Steam about 3 days ago, and since it's Steamed, it's patched. Tonight was going to be it's first run, I double clicked it, it showed the "preparing to launch stalker", then brought up the little picture of the stalker holding a gun. The screen goes black as it normally would, right after that, I hear a computerized *thunk* from my monitor(sign of windows crashing), and I see my computer rebooting. Upon windows login, the only report I get is a "Microsoft Windows" titled send, no send error. Now, I'm no stranger to Stalker, as I played it for months on my friend's computer, so I'm hoping that I didn't just waste $21.73 to download 1.3 gigs worth of unusable content.

*edit* In case someone wants to know:

Intel P4 2.53GHz Windows XP Home w/SP2 2.50 Gigs DDR RAM Nvidia 6200 128 MB


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#2 10 years ago

It sounds like a hardware problem to me, I have the same problem, but only running diagnostics on my graphics card. you might want to go through and check everything on your computer and make sure that the drivers are up to date, as well as your graphics card. If you are suspicious that the downloaded files aren't complete, you can do a verification of the cache. I think theres an option for that on the list of games. Check that first.