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#1 11 years ago

Okay, I've looked for a long time for any mods that allow you "The player" to use the guitar and/or harmonica, without any luck of finding any...

Would anyone know if there are any out there, and if so, could they give a link to where?:confused:

This would be greatly appreciated if anyone could help.

Thanks in advance.:)

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#2 11 years ago

OGSM (Old Good STALKER Mod) has this feature, allowing you to purchase guitars and harmonicas, and activating them plays a sound clip. You can find it here on STALKER Files. It is for STALKER Clear Sky, however, so admittedly if you don't own CS it won't do you much good. If you do own it, I definitely recommend checking it out. I have also made an addon for OGSM that adds more sounds for the two instruments, and should be available soon (pending FileFront staff approval).

As for ShoC, I'm not sure there is anything like this available. It would probably be possible to 'port' over the code to ShoC, but that's very much beyond me. Maybe you could convince some kind modder to look into it for you? Anyway, good luck, STALKER.