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#1 12 years ago

hi everytime i start to play stalker my screen just displays a blue sky i get the hud and sound but nothing else you can hear the russan guy who gives you your first mission but thats it i have installed the 1.0004 patch i have a 2ghz intel duel core processor, 256mb g force 8600gs graphics card and 2gb of ram i have managed to get it to work b4 but i had to re- install stalker can anyone help me thanks


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#2 12 years ago


If you are under XP and I were you.. :) : - uninstall the game, - delete the Stalker-SHOC folder in the Shared_Documents folder, - check your page-file (min=2048, max=3072), and splitted on more than one drive is better, - install the game in a custom folder (D:\Stalker for example if you do have a D: partition..), - try the game as is.. -- if it works, then next point.. -- if it doesn't work, I suggest you check your comp (scandisk, anti-virus) and _all_ drivers (motherboard, graphics..) then start from top.. :) - next point is : install patch 1.0003, try the game again.. - install patch 1.0004 : the game should work.. - install mods only if they are explicitly done for 1.0004 patch.. - have fun, Stalker..


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#3 12 years ago

i'm on vista home preamium sorry i forgot to mention that i have fixed it by turning the shadows down and it runs ok but i dont have the graphics detail high