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#1 12 years ago

got a little question about some errors that i have because of the 1,000,000 mods i have instaled (they work prety well:lookaround:) im sure thy are easy to remove cuz its probably just a string problem :o so here we go: when i want to pick up the groza wpn the game crashes (after clicking F on the droped weapon, logically :D) but i can use it if i buy it from a trader and work just OK and another problem i have with that new Rk95 weap: Finnish RK 95 TP Mod, Stalker Downloads, Stalker Weapon the game simply crashes after i drop it :eek:WTF?:eek: *///////it is absolutely unnecessary to answer me this questions when ya can pls tell me how to make that the x-ray engine updates the error logs in C:\DocumentandSetings\Stalker-SHOC\logs\xray_yourname.log cuz it havent changed for about 2 months of playing stalker and it always shows that error i have already removed pls filefront forums you ve got to pimp my stalker....... (by the way i really dont like that pimp my ride show it pisses me off but i was the first thing that flew throught my head ((i feel really dumb after watching offence but i really do =p)


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#2 12 years ago


Seems you installed your mods without taking care of files with the same name and location. You should try to merge these files if they exist. Also, try removing/deleting your gamedata folder and do a clean re-install of the mods you want.

That's just a start though..

Edit : the log file is in Shared_Documents/Stalker-SHOC/log folder with XP..