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#1 14 years ago

today i tired to download the stalker patch 1000.1 only to see people whine about how it deleted there saved profiles so insted i went and tried to download patch 1000.3 i tried to install it but it kept saying it needs patch 1000.1 instaled first .. how do i install patch 1000.3 world wide without1000.1 ???:confused:


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31st December 2002

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#2 14 years ago

download in the propper order and the same type of patch only DL the World Wide with World Wide or US with US..... here is the link for current patches Stalker Download Files, Download Stalker Patches - if you are still having problems, try to save your saved games to a seperate folder on the desktop / uninstall the game / reinstall / run the patches and then try putting your saved games folder back in the propper place (remember where it came from) hope that helps.

remember download and install 0001 then 0003